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School Calendar

Link to Open School Calendar 2023-24:

A school calendar is a comprehensive schedule that outlines the academic year, events, and important dates for a school. It includes the academic schedule, examination dates, holidays, special events, CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) schedules, and more. The school calendar serves as an essential reference for students, parents, teachers, and staff to plan and organize their activities throughout the academic year.


CCA Planner (Co-Curricular Activities Planner)

Link to Open CCA Planner 2023-24:

A CCA planner is a tool designed to organize and manage co-curricular activities in a school. It includes information about available CCAs, their schedules, leaders/advisors, registration details, goals, attendance records, achievements, and communication channels. The CCA planner helps students and educators coordinate and maximize the benefits of participating in extracurricular programs, fostering effective time management and communication within the school community.

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